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In a shocking incident in Chennai, an FIR has been filed against a man named Roshan after he was caught on camera assaulting his wife in public. The Greater Chennai Police reported the arrest on Saturday.

The incident occurred on the Koyambedu bridge, where commuters witnessed Roshan and his wife engaged in a heated argument. Roshan then began to brutally beat his wife, causing her to lose consciousness.

A passerby, noticing the violent scene, stopped his vehicle and recorded a video of Roshan, who was wearing a helmet, as he continued to assault his unconscious wife and attempted to lift her from the road.

Upon hearing that the police had been alerted, Roshan quickly placed his wife on his two-wheeler and fled the scene.

The Greater Chennai Police confirmed Roshan’s arrest via Twitter, stating, “The male person in this video is Roshan and the lady is his wife. For assaulting the lady, an FIR has been registered. Roshan has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.”

This incident has sparked outrage and highlights the ongoing issue of domestic violence. The authorities are continuing their investigation to ensure justice is served.

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