Tamil Nadu BJP, disciplinary action, Kalyan RamanTamil Nadu BJP disciplinary action
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The Tamil Nadu BJP has removed two party leaders from their roles for breaching party discipline by openly criticizing state unit Chief K Annamalai and senior leader Tamilisai Soundararajan.

Kalyan Raman, formerly part of the TN BJP’s intellectual wing, faces a one-year suspension from the party and removal from all positions. Similarly, Trichy Suriya, who held the general secretary position in the OBC wing, has been relieved of all party responsibilities.

According to BJP officials, the actions of both leaders tarnished the party’s image and violated internal rules. Kalyan Raman had publicly condemned Annamalai’s leadership and decision-making post the Lok Sabha elections, prompting accusations of spreading unfounded criticisms on social media.

Trichy Suriya drew scrutiny for critical comments about senior BJP figure Tamilisai Soundararajan during recent media appearances. The party has instructed its members not to engage with these individuals.

Following a core committee meeting, K Annamalai emphasized the need for party members to refrain from publicly disparaging their colleagues, pledging further disciplinary measures against any such conduct.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as the Tamil Nadu BJP navigates internal challenges amid political shifts.

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