Sources said the elephant had slipped and fallen into the water near Thekkadi region on Tuesday night.Sources said the elephant had slipped and fallen into the water near Thekkadi region on Tuesday night.
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In a heartening display of teamwork and swift action, officials from the Tamil Nadu Public Works Department (PWD) and the Kerala forest department successfully rescued an elephant that had encountered a perilous situation at Mullaiperiyar Dam.

The incident unfolded when the elephant accidentally slipped and fell into the waters near Thekkadi on a fateful Tuesday night. Swept away by the current, the majestic creature found itself trapped in the iron grill gate of the dam’s leading channel.

Early Wednesday morning, PWD Engineers Naveenkumar and Rajagopal promptly alerted their counterparts in the Kerala forest department about the distressing situation. Recognizing the urgency, both teams quickly mobilized to coordinate a rescue operation.

As part of their efforts, Tamil Nadu PWD officials took decisive action by halting the water release from Mullaiperiyar Dam, effectively reducing the water flow and creating a safer environment for the stranded elephant to navigate back to safety.

Currently, the water level at Mullaiperiyar stands at 121.80 feet, underscoring the critical timing and meticulous planning required to execute the rescue operation without compromising dam operations or the elephant’s well-being.

This successful joint rescue mission highlights the importance of inter-state cooperation in wildlife conservation and emergency response efforts. It also serves as a testament to the dedication and coordination among government agencies to protect and safeguard endangered wildlife in vulnerable situations.

As news of the elephant’s rescue spreads, it stands as a reminder of the importance of preserving natural habitats and ensuring the safety of wildlife in and around vital ecological zones like Mullaiperiyar Dam.

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