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Popular Tamil YouTube channel ‘Red Pix’ has issued an apology for streaming an interview featuring YouTuber Savukku Shankar.

In a statement, Red Pix General Manager Jane Felix expressed regret over the comments made by Savukku Shankar during the interview, particularly those concerning women police officers. Felix emphasized that Shankar’s views were his own and did not reflect those of Red Pix.

“The comments of Savukku Shankar about women police officers, which have attracted criticism, are his own and not that of Red Pix. Savukku Shankar’s comments have caused extreme disheartenedness to women working in the police force. Hence, Red Pix issues a heartfelt apology,” Jane Felix stated.

The controversial interview, titled “Why Savukku Media is targeted,” was streamed on April 30, featuring Felix Gerald, the proprietor of Red Pix, interviewing Savukku Shankar. Following the outcry, the video has been made private to prevent further viewership.

Savukku Shankar faced legal repercussions for his derogatory remarks about senior police and women police personnel during the interview. He was arrested by the Coimbatore cyber crime police on May 4, with the Goondas Act imposed on him on May 12.

Moreover, Felix Gerald, the interviewer, was also arrested by the Trichy district cyber crime police from Noida on May 10 in connection with the interview.

The incident underscores the importance of responsible media conduct and the consequences of inflammatory speech in the digital age.

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