Faris Aboobacker, Pharis Aboobacker,Faris Aboobacker
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Faris Aboobacker’s remarkable career has seen him traverse various domains, from running the illustrious Deepika Newspaper to steering a flourishing enterprise in Chennai. Hailing from the quaint town of Nandi, nestled in the Kozhikode district, adjacent to Koyilandi, Faris holds a deep-rooted connection to his ancestral heritage.

His educational voyage commenced at Poilkayil Government High School in Koyilandi, where he was born to parents Mundail Abu Bakar and Mariakarat Sophia. Subsequently, he pursued his higher education at Farooq College in Kozhikode. Following his academic journey, Faris wholeheartedly dedicated himself to expanding his father’s modest leather products business in Chennai. Through strategic investments and relentless efforts, he steered the enterprise towards prosperity, primarily through export trade.

Faris Aboobacker’s story is a testament to his unwavering determination and self-made achievements. He embarked on his entrepreneurial endeavors, building upon the humble foundation established by his father. Over time, he carved an empire that extended its reach across various Indian cities, initially spanning from Kerala to Chennai and later venturing abroad. His business networks span internationally, encompassing key locations like Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Faris Aboobacker has been actively involved in numerous social causes, reflecting his dedication to making a meaningful impact. Despite his achievements, he maintains a preference for a private and low-profile existence, both in his personal and professional life.

Faris Aboobacker is currently associated with six prominent companies and holds crucial roles on the boards of directors in several other enterprises. Notably, he serves as a director in companies such as Petropas Automotive Private Limited, Chikmangaloor Real Estates Private Limited, Kadavanthara Properties Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Realtors Private Limited, and Parrot Grove Private Limited. His influence has also reverberated in Deepika Newspaper, a publication that experienced financial challenges before his intervention. Faris breathed new life into the entrepreneurial spirit of the newspaper. He has been associated with two renowned daily newspapers in Kerala, with “Deepika” standing out as a prominent name among them.

The path to success for Faris Aboobacker was not paved with privilege; instead, he encountered and overcame numerous obstacles en route to wealth and prosperity. Armed with a keen insight and exceptional intelligence, he navigated these challenges with strategic investments and innovative approaches, ultimately emerging as one of the most prosperous and influential figures in the state and on the broader Indian stage.

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