Tim Paine has slammed Ben Stokes' Ashes 2023 remarks citing that his England side will be remembered for their style of play.Tim Paine has slammed Ben Stokes' Ashes 2023 remarks citing that his England side will be remembered for their style of play.
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The aftermath of the Ashes 2023 series has seen sparks fly, with former Australia Test captain Tim Paine weighing in on England captain Ben Stokes’ recent comments in the dressing room. Stokes, in an ECB documentary, proclaimed that his team would be remembered forever by those who witnessed their play, despite failing to reclaim the Ashes from Australia.

Stokes’ Controversial Remarks

After England’s series concluded in a 2-2 draw, Stokes expressed his sentiment in the dressing room, emphasizing that their legacy transcends mere wins and losses. “The reward for our work isn’t what we get, but what we become,” Stokes remarked passionately, highlighting the lasting impact he believes his team has made.

Paine’s Critique

Paine, known for his candid remarks, didn’t hold back in his response. He acknowledged the context of Stokes’ speech but critiqued the notion that England’s recent performances elevate them to legendary status. “It’s this continued belief that they’re changing the game and doing amazing stuff that everyone will remember… they’re not,” Paine asserted. He pointed out England’s current standings in the World Test Championship and labeled them as below-average at the moment.

Social Media Exchange

The tension escalated with Stokes responding to Australian media’s coverage of his remarks, defending his speech as a morale booster amidst disappointment. Paine found this exchange peculiar, stating, “You’re talking to a TV production. I found it quite strange that he went back at them because it would be like me going back at Sky Sports.”


As both sides continue to reflect on the series and its outcomes, Paine’s critique of Stokes’ remarks underscores the competitive spirit and banter that characterizes cricket rivalries. The debate over England’s place in cricketing history versus current performance metrics adds a layer of intrigue to future encounters between these longstanding rivals.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of cricket, where every match brings new narratives and controversies.

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