Tamil nadu toxic liquor deaths, tamil nadu hooch tragedy, Tamil Nadu liquor deathsToxic Liquor Tragedy in Tamil Nadu
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In a devastating turn of events, 37 people have lost their lives in Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi district due to consuming toxic liquor, with another 55 hospitalized. The victims, many from Karunapuram, suffered severe symptoms shortly after consuming arrack, prompting outcry and demands for stricter liquor controls.

Authorities have swiftly acted, arresting a suspected bootlegger and detaining two others. Forensic investigations confirmed the presence of lethal methanol in the liquor, leading to immediate suspensions and transfers within the district administration and police force.

Chief Minister MK Stalin expressed deep sorrow over the incident, promising a thorough investigation headed by retired Justice B Gokuldas and compensation of ₹10 lakh per victim’s family. He called for stringent action against those responsible and dispatched ministers to oversee medical aid.

The tragic incident underscores systemic failures in preventing illicit liquor production and distribution, sparking criticism from opposition leaders and the Governor alike, who have called for robust measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Stay updated as the investigation unfolds and authorities work to ensure justice and safety for Tamil Nadu’s residents.

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