Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi.Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi.
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu – March 11, 2024

Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi expressed grave concern on Sunday over the escalating presence of drugs in the state, citing recent seizures linked to an international drug cartel. Governor Ravi’s statement comes in the wake of the arrest of a suspected kingpin associated with the cartel by central agencies.

In a released statement, Governor Ravi acknowledged the distressing reports received from parents regarding the prevalence of drugs in high schools, colleges, and entertainment clubs across Tamil Nadu. He emphasized that the apprehension of narcotics connected to international drug networks confirms the “worst fears” about drug trafficking within the state.

“The operations of international drug cartels with significant nodes in Tamil Nadu pose a severe threat, engaging central intelligence, investigative, and enforcement agencies. The addictive and destructive nature of these drugs could potentially devastate our future generations if left unchecked,” Governor Ravi stated.

The Governor’s appeal follows a petition from the main Opposition party, AIADMK, addressing the alleged drug menace in Tamil Nadu. The party sought an investigation into the connection between the arrested ‘drug lord,’ Jaffer Sadiq, and the ruling DMK party and the state police.

Highlighting the correlation between drug abuse and heinous crimes, Governor Ravi stressed the need for urgent and prioritized action against the drug menace. He commended the efforts of both central and state enforcement agencies while urging parents and academic institutions to remain vigilant against drug infiltration.

Governor Ravi underscored the vulnerability of youth to drug traffickers and urged parents to be extra vigilant in detecting signs of substance abuse among their children. In a direct appeal to the youth, he cautioned against the irreparable damage drugs could inflict on their lives and families.

“The management of academic institutions bears a crucial responsibility in preventing the entry of such drugs onto their campuses or nearby areas. I implore everyone’s full cooperation in combating the drug menace for the betterment of our society and the future of our state,” Governor Ravi concluded.

The Governor’s call to action underscores the gravity of the situation and the collective responsibility needed to safeguard Tamil Nadu’s youth against the perils of drug abuse.

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