Tamil Nadu Law Minister S Ragupathy and MP P Wilson addressing media.Tamil Nadu Law Minister S Ragupathy and MP P Wilson addressing media.
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Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), has taken a firm stance against attempts to associate the arrest of former party leader Jaffer Sadiq with its leaders. The party declared its intent to pursue legal action against individuals linking the arrest to DMK leaders amid allegations of a Rs 2000-crore drug racket.

The controversy surrounding Jaffer Sadiq’s arrest prompted DMK to address the issue, denouncing efforts to tarnish the party’s image in connection with the ongoing investigation. DMK MP P Willson emphasized that the party would not hesitate to file both civil and criminal cases against those making baseless allegations against DMK and its leaders.

Tamil Nadu Law Minister S Ragupathy echoed similar sentiments, questioning the timing of the Narcotic Control Bureau’s (NCB) press conference and accusing the agency of attempting to score political points against DMK. Ragupathy criticized the premature nature of the press conference, suggesting that it aimed to defame the party ahead of elections.

Ragupathy highlighted the arrest of Jaffer Sadiq, emphasizing that it occurred before the elections and insinuated it was a deliberate attempt to defame DMK. He pointed out that DMK promptly removed Sadiq from the party, contrasting the situation with allegations against individuals associated with AIADMK and BJP.

Furthermore, Ragupathy alleged that Jaffer Sadiq’s previous arrest in 2013 did not receive adequate attention during the AIADMK government’s tenure. He claimed that Sadiq was acquitted due to his association with BJP office bearers.

In response, the BJP demanded clarification from DMK chief and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin regarding his ties with the accused, while also deriding DMK as the “Drug Marketing Kazhagam.”

Jaffer Sadiq, formerly DMK’s Chennai West-NRI Wing Deputy Organiser, was apprehended by the anti-drug agency in connection with an international drug trafficking racket valued at over Rs 2,000 crore. Following allegations linking him to drug trafficking, Sadiq was swiftly dismissed from DMK.

As the investigation unfolds, DMK’s firm stance underscores its commitment to uphold its integrity amidst the swirling controversy.

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