Ram Lalla idol, Ayodhya, ayodhya ram templeSacred Arrival: Ram Lalla Idol's Installation
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In a momentous event on Wednesday evening, the revered idol of Ram Lalla reached the Ayodhya temple, setting the stage for its upcoming installation as part of the ‘Pran Pratistha’ ceremony. Crafted from black stone by the skilled hands of Mysuru sculptor Arun Yogiraj, the idol, weighing approximately 150-200 kg, was carefully lifted from the truck that carried it using a crane. The entire procession, which included the idol’s symbolic stop at the Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya, added a ceremonial touch to the auspicious occasion.

A significant development unfolded as the idol was gracefully placed inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, witnessed by diligent workers. Prior to its installation, a special puja was conducted within the sanctum sanctorum, marking a moment of spiritual significance. According to Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee chairperson Nripendra Mishra, the formal installation of the idol is expected to take place on Thursday, concluding a series of weeklong rituals leading up to the grand ‘Pran Pratistha’ ceremony scheduled for January 22.

The meticulous preparations for the idol’s arrival began the previous night, with the sacred artifact adorned with flowers and positioned on a decorated truck for the ceremonial procession, facilitated by the use of a crane. Meanwhile, another silver idol of Ram Lalla, distinct from the one slated for installation in the sanctum sanctorum, made its way through the temple premises, garlanded with roses and marigolds. The evening also saw a ‘Kalash Pujan’ as part of the intricate rituals building up to the highly anticipated event on January 22. The atmosphere in Ayodhya is charged with spiritual fervor as the temple complex prepares for this historic moment.

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