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In a world where consumption is rampant, there’s a silent hero working tirelessly to transform our waste into works of art. Meet Renjini Thampi, a 35-year-old entrepreneur from Kochi, Kerala, who is reshaping our perspective on trash. Armed with creativity, determination, and an unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, Renjini is on a mission with her venture, Vapasee, to add beauty to the discarded and bring elegance to our lives.

Renjini Thampi: Championing Upcycling and Artistry

Renjini Thampi, a graduate from Mahe Manipal University, has embraced the challenge of climate change as her personal cause. With a family deeply rooted in art, Renjini found her inspiration within her own home. Surrounded by art lovers and supported by her artist husband, she embarked on a unique journey – turning trash into treasure.

From Waste to Wonder: The Vapasee Revolution

The heart of Renjini’s venture beats for upcycling, a concept that transcends traditional recycling. Vapasee, founded in 2021, is more than just a sustainable home décor brand; it’s a movement. Renjini and her team have given a new lease of life to 21,000 glass bottles, 5,000 coconut shells, over 800 kg of wood, and more than 500 kg of metal scrap. With meticulous sorting, cleaning, and creativity, these discarded materials find themselves reborn as aesthetically pleasing home décor items.

The Vapasee Vision: Where Trash Meets Elegance

Vapasee, meaning ‘to come back’ in Hindi, perfectly captures the essence of this venture. Renjini takes what we discard and transforms it into pieces that adorn our homes and workplaces. Her journey began with the Climate Collective initiative in Kochi, igniting her belief in her potential to create change. Renjini’s path was not without challenges. Working with fragile glass requires precision, dedication, and a deep understanding of the craft. Yet, with every piece created, she brings artistry and environmental consciousness into perfect harmony.

Renjini Thampi: Inspiring Change, One Art Piece at a Time

Renjini’s story is more than just an entrepreneurial venture. It’s a tale of passion, determination, and a commitment to the environment. With an existing audience of 5000 and growing, she continues to inspire others to see the beauty in what society deems as waste. Renjini Thampi and Vapasee are not just adding beauty to trash; they’re adding purpose, creativity, and a sustainable future to our lives.

Join the movement, appreciate the art, and witness the transformation – where waste meets wonder, and elegance emerges from the discarded.

Stay tuned for more updates from the world of upcycling, where every piece tells a story and every creation makes a difference.

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