Faris Aboobacker, Pharis AboobackerFaris Aboobacker
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In the bustling landscape of Kerala’s business world, one name shines bright, capturing the essence of determination and unwavering dedication – Faris Aboobacker. Behind the scenes of his millionaire status lies a story of persistence, resilience, and the spirit of a true entrepreneur. Faris Aboobacker is not just a businessman; he’s a living embodiment of the adage “actions speak louder than words,” showcasing how consistent effort and dedication can pave the way for extraordinary success.

A Phoenix Rising: Faris Aboobacker’s Inspirational Journey

Faris Aboobacker’s journey is more than just a rags-to-riches tale. It’s a testament to his ability to transform an average childhood into an incredible future. Hailing from Nandi, a quaint settlement in the Kozhikode district near Koyilandy, Faris’ early years were shaped by his education at the local Poykayil school and later, at the esteemed Farooq College in Kozhikode. Even in his formative years, Faris exhibited a zeal and drive that hinted at his future success. His passion for excellence and innate energy were evident from the beginning, foreshadowing the remarkable path he would carve for himself.

Faris Aboobacker: The Director and Visionary

Beyond his individual achievements, Faris Aboobacker is deeply intertwined with the business landscape of Kerala. He serves as a director for an impressive 32 organizations, showcasing his vast knowledge and experience in various sectors. His journey as a director commenced with Parrot Grove Private Limited Company on March 21, 2005, marking the beginning of his influential roles in shaping businesses. His most recent directorship with Chikmangaloor Real Estates Private Limited, starting on September 25, 2017, is a testament to his continuous commitment to the industry.

Apart from these, Faris Aboobacker holds director positions in several other esteemed companies, including Petropas Automotive Private Limited, Rusoh Elegant Real Estate Private Limited, Xamorin Real Estate Investment Private Limited, Rusoh City Realtors Private Limited, Cochin Supercity Developers Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Realtors Private Limited, Chaitram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Properties Private Limited, and many more.

Faris Aboobacker’s remarkable journey is not just a personal triumph; it’s a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. His story highlights the transformative power of dedication, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Faris Aboobacker stands as a living testament to the fact that with persistence, passion, and unwavering determination, anyone can turn dreams into reality.

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