Ennore CreekEnnore Creek
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Chennai: IIT Madras researchers propose ‘straight training walls’ at Ennore Creek to minimise flood risk

Ennore Creek
Ennore Creek

Chennai: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have studied the flooding situation in and around Chennai and suggested the construction of ‘straight training walls’ at the mouth of Ennore Creek to lessen the flood risk on its upstream significantly.

The study on extreme storm surge scenarios, high tide levels and flooding in the river found that heavy flood siltation in the creek mouth posed a threat to the areas adjoining the river.

As per the study, straight training walls at the creek mouth along with regular de-silting of the river will improve the situation significantly in North Chennai.

The study commissioned by Kamarajar Port to propose solutions to reduce flooding around Kosathalaiyar riverbanks was undertaken by Professor K Murali, Professor SA Sannasiraj and Professor V Sundar from the IIT Madras Department of Ocean Engineering.

“Based on the expertise and experience of the Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, the researchers working with training of river mouths, the proposal has been made to construct a pair of training walls extending perpendicular from the shore up to a water depth of -5m on either side of the creek,” Professor SA Sannasiraj, said as per an IIT-Madras press release.

Professor K Murali said, “Several earlier attempts that were made for prevention/reduction of sand bar formation at Cooum mouth by constructing a pair of training walls have not yielded the required outcomes due to various reasons,” adding, “Fixing a lower crest elevation much less than required allows the sand moving along the coast termed as ‘littoral drift’ pass over it and deposit in the mouth. These serve as lessons to be learnt from the past mistake.”

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