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The applicant’s claim that he was kidnapped for his anti-Sterlite stand rejected

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Wednesday granted bail to environmental activist Mugilan in the alleged Karur woman harassment case. However, the court refused to accept his claim that he was kidnapped after the press meet in Chennai.

In his additional affidavit filed before the court, Mugilan had submitted that following the press meet in Chennai, he had boarded a train to Madurai.

He claimed that he was kidnapped from there, kept in a dark room for days and urged to give up his fight against Sterlite.

Terming the narrative a “cock and bull story”, Justice G.R. Swaminathan observed that Mugilan was trying to weave a tale that could be better narrated to a gullible child than the High Court.

This was kadhu kuthal, the court said.

The court said it was not impressed with the claim of the woman who had alleged harassment by Mugilan.

The woman was 37 years old, highly qualified and knew the marital status of Mugilan. Moreover, their relationship dates back to 2017, and she had filed a complaint in 2019.

Likening Mugilan with Abimanyu, who was encircled during the Mahabharata war, the court said Mugilan appeared to have been locked in a manmadha vyuha. His continued incarceration will serve no purpose, the court said, and granted him bail.

The court imposed conditions on Mugilan, noting his proclivity to vanish.

He was directed to appear before the CB-CID, Karur, once in two days, and execute a bond for a sum of ₹10,000, with two sureties, to the satisfaction of Judicial Magistrate I, Karur.

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