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Sometimes there are elephants and wild gaurs round.

 Photo shows the Ooty hill train entering a tunnel along the Ooty-Coonoor sector of the NMR track

OOTY: In a child’s view, the NMR train is “chikku-bukku” Ooty train.  Of course, for the young aspiring shutter-bugs, the NMR track that stretches over 48-km between Mettupalayam in the foothills of Nilgiris and Ooty at the top of the hills here, is becoming the learning platform of heritage as well as nature photography to click amazing pictures.

 M. Prabhu(21), a resident here, who is taking to professional photography now, said, “the whole stretch of NMR track is a wonder of nature as it offers varied breathtaking views, valleys and hills in different elevations, the deep gorges, streams, the woods, animals, birds, tea gardens, vegetable fields and what not? This scenic NMR route naturally triggers interest in photography, ” he added.

 “Not only that, learning photography in NMR teaches one much needed patience and help to learn the value of heritage. This helps the mind to orient towards nature and heritage conservation.   One needs to wait hours together near the tunnels to click some photographs of NMR train chugging through the tunnels.  This would also help a photography aspirant to learn how to manage timings to click best photos,” he explained.

The ride through the racked NMR section between Mettupalayam and Coonoor, wherein the steam locomotive chugs with minimum speed, helps one freely view the  gorgeous views on both sides and click good photos of natural beauty and avaians around.

Sometimes there are elephants and wild gaurs round. Frequent ride in the NMR train would certainly help a photography enthusiast to hone up his photography potential to naturally learn how to keep different angles and timings to shoot different views in moving trains, as well as in the stations along, Mr. Prabhu added.

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