Indian corporates raised Rs 67,956 crore from the IPO market in FY24 and they are expected to mobilise over Rs 1 lakh crore through primary issuances in the current fiscal.Indian corporates raised Rs 67,956 crore from the IPO market in FY24 and they are expected to mobilise over Rs 1 lakh crore through primary issuances in the current fiscal.
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In a remarkable start to the fiscal year 2024-25, Indian corporates have mobilised a staggering Rs 84,866 crore through various equity offerings, including initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on public issues, and preferential allotments. This surge marks a significant increase compared to the previous fiscal year’s figures, reflecting robust investor confidence and economic resilience.

SMEs Leading the Charge

A notable highlight of this fundraising spree has been the surge in IPOs from the small and mid-cap (SME) segment, with 44 companies debuting on the stock exchanges during April and May alone. These SME IPOs collectively raised substantial capital, underscoring heightened investor interest and confidence in smaller enterprises.

Regulatory Concerns and Market Dynamics

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has been vigilant amid this IPO boom, expressing concerns over potential price manipulations in SME listings. Recent measures, including capping the opening price at 90% of the issue price during IPO debuts, aim to curb volatility and ensure fair market practices.

Notable IPOs and Market Impact

Several SMEs made notable debuts during this period, with companies like ABS Marine Services, Trust Fintech Ltd, and Creative Graphics Solutions India raising significant capital through public offerings. These IPOs witnessed strong participation from retail investors and debuted at premiums, reflecting positive market sentiment.

Broader Market Trends

Beyond SMEs, larger corporates also participated actively in the equity market, with mainboard IPOs such as Aadhaar Housing Finance and Go Digit General Insurance contributing significantly to the fundraising total. The funds raised through IPOs and other equity instruments highlight the robustness of India’s capital markets amid global economic challenges.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Indian corporates are poised to continue leveraging the buoyant market conditions to raise additional capital. With expectations of surpassing Rs 1 lakh crore in primary issuances for the fiscal year, the trend underscores India’s economic resilience and attractiveness as an investment destination.

The surge in equity issuances not only signals optimism but also underscores the pivotal role of SMEs in driving economic growth and innovation in India’s evolving market landscape. As regulatory frameworks evolve to ensure market integrity, the IPO surge stands as a testament to the dynamism and potential of India’s corporate sector.

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