Tamil Nadu, police crackdown, illicit liquor, Kallakurichi tragedyIllicit Liquor Crackdown in Tamil Nadu
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In a significant development following the Kallakurichi hooch tragedy, Tamil Nadu Police have intensified their investigation, revealing nearly 300 litres of illicit liquor hidden underground in a nearby village.

The tragic incident claimed the lives of 53 individuals due to consumption of adulterated alcohol, prompting a swift response from authorities. Collaborating with the Prohibition Team, the police launched a statewide crackdown on the sale of spurious liquor, resulting in the arrest of six suspects by the CB-CID and detention of 62 others for further interrogation.

During the investigation, police uncovered adulterated alcohol buried in Karadichitahr near the Kalvarayan hills. Additionally, they seized a substantial quantity of spurious liquor stored in tire tubes and barrels containing fermentation materials near Kalvarayan Malai.

Video footage from the raids depicted police uncovering an illegal distillation setup in a suspect’s residence, complete with equipment like a water tank used for cooling distilled liquor.

To combat the issue effectively, eleven special teams are conducting widespread raids across Kallakurichi, focusing on identifying and dismantling illicit liquor production units to prevent future tragedies.

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