Karnataka has banned food colouring agent for Gobi Manchurian and cotton candy.Karnataka has banned food colouring agent for Gobi Manchurian and cotton candy.
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In response to growing health concerns, Karnataka has joined a series of states cracking down on the use of harmful food additives, particularly in popular snacks like cotton candy and gobi Manchurian. The state announced the prohibition of food coloring agents in these items, citing risks to public health.

Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao made the announcement on Monday, declaring the ban on the food coloring agent Rhodamine-B in cotton candy and gobi Manchurian. He emphasized that severe actions would be taken against any violators under the Food Safety Act.

The decision came after alarming findings regarding the quality of these food items across the southern state. Rao highlighted that the pervasive use of artificial coloring agents was compromising public health. Out of 171 samples of gobi Manchurian collected, only 64 were deemed safe, while 106 were found to be unsafe. Similarly, out of 25 cotton candy samples, only 10 passed safety standards.

The investigation revealed the presence of harmful artificial colors such as Tartrazine, Carmoisine, Sunset Yellow, and Rhodamine-1B in the tested samples. Rao stressed that many eateries, including roadside shops and hotels, were found to be using banned color additives to enhance the appearance of their food products.

The state commissioner of food safety has issued a statewide order directing the prohibition of all artificial colors in gobi Manchurian and cotton candy.

Surprisingly, even samples from reputed 3-star hotels in Karnataka were found to contain unsafe levels of additives, raising serious concerns about the widespread use of harmful ingredients in the food industry.

The ban reflects Karnataka’s commitment to safeguarding public health and underscores the need for stricter regulations governing food additives across the country.

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