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During a rally in Bharatpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took aim at the Congress government in Rajasthan, accusing them of fostering an environment that escalated crimes and riots in the state. He claimed that the Congress, through its policy of appeasement, had allowed anti-social elements to thrive.

PM Modi, addressing the crowd, took a jibe at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, stating that the public has resolved not to vote for the ‘magician’ and predicted the Congress’s disappearance from the state after the upcoming election on December 3. Gehlot, before entering politics, was known for touring and showcasing magic tricks owing to his father’s profession as a magician.

With the Rajasthan Assembly polls scheduled for November 25 and the vote counting set for December 3, PM Modi highlighted the state’s deteriorating conditions under Congress rule.

“India is progressing globally, yet Rajasthan witnessed a surge in corruption, riots, and crimes during the Congress’s five-year tenure. This is why the people of Rajasthan are turning away from the ‘magician’ and the Congress party,” PM Modi asserted.

Accusing the Congress of enabling criminal elements, Modi stated, “Wherever Congress governs, terrorists, criminals, and rioters flourish. Their policy of appeasement knows no bounds, even if it means risking the lives of citizens.”

PM Modi criticized the Congress, citing an increase in crimes against women and Dalits during their tenure. “Under Congress rule, peace during festivals like Holi, Ram Navami, or Hanuman Jayanti became a challenge. Rajasthan faced riots, stone-pelting, and curfews frequently,” he stated.

Highlighting a concerning statement made by the Chief Minister about fake rape cases, PM Modi questioned Gehlot’s capability to safeguard women’s interests. “Can such a Chief Minister protect women? Does he have the right to hold office?” Modi questioned, criticizing Gehlot’s remarks that undermined the confidence of women in Rajasthan.

The rally served as a platform for PM Modi to denounce the Congress government’s policies and assert the need for a change in leadership in the forthcoming elections.

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